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An authentic “where to host a bachelor party in Manhattan” conversation

13th February 2006

I recently read a message board conversation about where to have a bachelor party in New York City (Manhattan). I thought that the question (which included lap dances) and the answers (which focused on strip clubs) had something to show us about New Yorkers’ attitudes toward bachelor parties. Here’s the conversation:

Scott: We’re having a bachelor party for a buddy of ours in NY for the Big East Tournament. Any suggestions on hotels, best places to eat and get this poor guy some quality lap dances? I’m aware of some places, but I want to be sure we don’t miss out on anything. Thanks.

Berry: Scores

John: Privilege on the west side is slightly lower caliber than Scores, but at a better price and service.

Jim: We threw a bachelor party at the Chambers Hotel on 56th? and 5th. They have one suite that’s a duplex with a huge terrace. Two plasmas, 2 bedrooms, the bathroom is sick. If you’ve got a lot of guys to chip in, that’s a great choice.

David: Forget Scores. Friends threw me a bachelor party at the upstairs room of a bar (forget which one, it was a goooood night) in the East 50’s.. Then had girls come to the place to put on a show and generally embarrass me. You can likely find girls from any escort service listed. Eastside Marriott is a decent hotel, without being too expensive. It’s definitely cost effective to have it at a hotel vs. a club because you really save on the liquor and you don’t have to travel anywhere. You can find plenty of ‘talent’ on Craigslist.

Mike: Just threw one in NYC. Tens on 21st street was an excellent gentlemen’s club. Also, we got a sick Suite with a terrace from the W hotel on 39th for $569.00 a night. It was 800 sq. ft, plasma TV, Bose system – great deal

Gregory: For a bachelor party I’d say the W hotel in Times Square. If want a non-strip club. Home Marquee PM Cain or Crowbar are all options but will have to get bottle service table and will be costly. Strip places – can’t go wrong with Scores

John: You have to be careful with Craigslist. My friend had a bachelor party over the summer, and his best man got the entertainment from there. Let’s just say it wasn’t a pretty sight and leave it at that…

Ike: Privilege is good. A lot of contact, better than any of those more well known
strip clubs. You don’t have to get crazy dressed up, but don’t show up in a t-shirt. If you
want some bars, hit the mercury bar or social over on the west side. Not sure what type of bar scene you are looking for.

BlueMan: An under-rated place, but very high quality tail can be found at FlashDancers. I went to a bachelor party there last fall, and didn’t have high expectations at all. But in a much more laid back atmosphere than Scores, you’ll have a better time at FlashDancers. All the girls there are ‘imports’…mostly from South America (got a lot of Brazil & Argentina) or Eastern Europe (Czech, Russia).

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