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Bachelor and stag parties

22nd January 2006

A bachelor party (also called a stag party, stag night (UK), or bucks party (Australia)) is a party held for a bachelor shortly before he is married. This is typically the soon-to-be-husband’s last party as a single man.

The stereotype is that the man to be married engages in activities a new wife might not approve of and mnay bachelor parties involve going to strip clubs or hiring female strippers or escorts.

Other bachelor parties are a time for bonding with male friends through drinking alcohol and gambling. Bachelor parties have been the subject of many movies, especially comedies.

In the United Kingdom it is now common for the stag party to last for more than one evening, hence the increasing prevalence of the phrase “stag weekend”. These trips are becoming mini-holidays with the groups taking part in various day time activities as well as the expected night out on the town and the inevitable strippers. Many British stag parties take place in Eastern Europe.

In England, the Foreign Office recently published a survey which found that 70 percent of young British people now prefer stag parties with an international dimension. Popular cities for stag weekends include Prague, Czech Republic; Budapest, Hungary; Tallinn, Estonia; and Vilnius, Lithunia. However the Foreign Office survey also found that almost three-fifths of the “staggers” make no effort to read up on their destination’s customs and laws. As a result, some people who live in Eastern European cities are complaining about stag parties.

Popular UK destinations for stag parties include Brighton, Bournemouth, Newcastle, Nottingham and Edinburgh. In the United States, Las Vegas and Atlantic City are popular bachelor party destinations. In Canada, Montreal is one of the most popular bachelor party destinations due to the cities large number of lax strip clubs.

The task of organizing a bachelor party is often assigned to a male sibling of the bachelor. And in the absence of a male sibling, a male friend will organize it.

This article was compiled by James Trotta from Wikipedia and from his own travel blog. The author has never been to a bachelor or stag party.

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