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Thai marriage and wedding ceremony experience

4th April 2006

On November 21, 2004 I married my Thai sweetheart, Nat. Despite our cultural differences, I am an American who grew up in the South; we found it easy to be with each other. We were both older though she was 15 years my junior. She had never married. I was divorced with an adult daughter […]

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Divorce and Child Custody in Thailand

18th January 2006

 Post marriage, Thai ladies prefer peace to ambition if it comes at the cost of conflicts. Separation in Thai Society is not very painful without involving much acrimony, property is divided equally, and the children may accompany either parent. The choice of parent who would keep custody of child is generally by consensus or mutual […]

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Physical Intimacy in Thai Dating Culture

18th January 2006

Thai ladies are monogamous, usually virgins and usually shy. During dating they are very sensitive to acts that may affect their reputation and status. Though, it may be changing now, very few Thai girls opt for discrete sexual experiences during dating. During the initial phase of dating, absolutely no going to bed, not even hugging […]

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Dating Culture in Thailand

18th January 2006

Before deliberating on dating culture and customs in Thailand, it must be understood that no single dating culture exists and the culture changes from area to area.   Thai dating customs are largely coming out of the expectations in Thai society. Thai people expect a spouse to respect the partner’s family. In some ways, then, […]

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