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Divorce and Child Custody in Thailand

18th January 2006

 Post marriage, Thai ladies prefer peace to ambition if it comes at the cost of conflicts. Separation in Thai Society is not very painful without involving much acrimony, property is divided equally, and the children may accompany either parent. The choice of parent who would keep custody of child is generally by consensus or mutual agreement and in most cases; it is the mother who keeps it. However, in specific cases keeping in mind aspiration of either party, custody is decided. Family background as to who will be able to bring up the child better, future aspirations of the boy or girl as to whether if or whom the person wants to marry after divorce and economic factors are dominant in arriving at such decision. In Thai Society, family values have great influence; therefore, in case of dispute of custody, elders in both family intervene and decide. Rarely, a dispute of custody is decided by courts. 

This article on Thai dating culture was written by R S Chawla, a 43-year-old male accountant from India who has traveled in 14 different countries with a passion for understanding various cultures. The author now lives in Canada and last traveled to Thailand in 2005. He also visited in 2002 and 2004 and has spent a total of about 30 days in Thailand. While staying in Bangcock in 2004, Mr. Chawla befriended an English speaking taxi driver. The two became friends, and Mr Chawla stayed a night in the taxi driver’s apartment, which was just outside of Bangkok near a canal that stunk so bad it was hard to breathe. There, the taxi driver and his wife, guided him a lot so that he could have a better understanding Thai people and Thai culture.

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