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Jungle Fever

29th January 2006

Jungle Fever was directed by Spike Lee and is rated R. Wesley Snipes plays an African-American architect from Harlem and Annabella Sciorra plays an Italian-American woman from Bensonhurst in this movie about interracial romance in America.

I never saw it when it came out in 1991, but I certianly heard about it. In my predominantly white school the phrase “jungle fever” even became a slang term. For example one white boy might say “You have jungle fever” to another white boy. It meant “You find black women attractive” and was a kind of accusation that would be denied.

I’ve seen it since, and while not one of my favorite movies, it does have some powerful scenes. I would say that it is worth watching once. 

One Response to “Jungle Fever”

  1. WebGazette Says:

    Great movie. It’s amazing how an unpopular choice can turn your life upside down.