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Physical Intimacy in Thai Dating Culture

18th January 2006

Thai ladies are monogamous, usually virgins and usually shy. During dating they are very sensitive to acts that may affect their reputation and status. Though, it may be changing now, very few Thai girls opt for discrete sexual experiences during dating. During the initial phase of dating, absolutely no going to bed, not even hugging tight, just close sitting or simple touching would do.
Touching while sitting close is a passionate expression, However, there would be no touching of legs (at least definitely not during the first dates), breasts or other private parts (including bottoms). Generally hands are held and clasped. In Thailand, the head area is considered very pious, you can not touch the head or hair of a lady against her wishes. A boy has to instill confidence in the lady that it is serious and not just flirting.

This phase is short, followed by a phase of gentle kissing on the cheeks, which continues for some time. In fact, if the couple sleeps together before marriage, it would be after the first few dates and after other relatives also get involved during dating meetings. Generally this happens, if it happens, very close to marriage. A typical length of dating, from the first date till marriage, would be from 9 months to a year and a half. Of course this varies widely.

This article on physical intimacy in Thai dating culture was written by R S Chawla, a 43-year-old male accountant from India who has traveled in 14 different countries with a passion for understanding various cultures. The author now lives in Canada and last traveled to Thailand in 2005. He also visited in 2002 and 2004 and has spent a total of about 30 days in Thailand. While staying in Bangcock in 2004, Mr. Chawla befriended an English speaking taxi driver. The two became friends, and Mr Chawla stayed a night in the taxi driver’s apartment, which was just outside of Bangkok near a canal that stunk so bad it was hard to breathe. There, the taxi driver and his wife, guided him a lot so that he could have a better understanding Thai people and Thai culture.

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  1. Bobm Says:

    Sounds like the place for me. I have known a few men whom have married girls from there and are happy. Thanks for the post I enjoyed it and no doubt confirmed what I already know.