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Man and womanWe would love to learn about dating culture in your country. In many cases, dating culture varies within each country depending on the region, so please explain which area of your country an article refers to. We want to know common beliefs and values (popular culture) and dating customs in minority groups. We’re also looking for information on gay and lesbian dating culture. We would also like to hear about your dating experiences (especially interracial or intercultural dating) and wedding customs in your country. Finally, movie and book reviews are also welcome. Of course the movie or book you review should be related to dating and/or marriage. This includes interracial and intercultural dating but also any movie that you feel will give us some insight into dating culture in your country.

Please submit articles for publication to They will be received by James Trotta, a teacher trainer at Sookmyung Women’s University in Seoul, who may edit your article for writing style and organization. He will proabbly ask you some questions and incorporate your answers into the article.

We prefer to give authors credit. In this case we publish your name at the end of the article. If you wish to remain anonymous, please mention this in your email. Whether the author’s name is being published or not, biographical information is important. Please tell us:

  • How old you are (an 18-year-old will have different perceptions than an 80-year old)
  • What you do (a college student would normally have different dating expereinces than a retired professor).
  • Where you are from (country and city or region)
  • Where your experience/information comes from (If you are a Spanish person writing about Canadian dating culture, how did you learn about Canadian culture?).

Finally, do not worry about your English writing skill. James Trotta will work with you to get your article ready for publication.