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The Sleeping Dictionary

6th August 2006

Jessica Alba plays a half  Iban / half British woman, while Hugh Dancy plays a young Englishman. The two fall in love but their respective cultures will not allow them to marry. It’s interesting how many movies about intercultural relationships explore the ‘forbidden love’ angle as The Sleeping Dictionary Does. Interesting cultural differences between the two lovers are not mcuh of an issue.

The setting of Sarawak, Malaysia in 1937 and the British Colonialists is not entirely accurate but the story is compelling. In addition, Jessica Alba is not from anywhere near Borneo but some suspension of disbelief is needed for any film. My only real complaint is the extended sex scene which seems fairly pointless after the first minute or so.

This movie never hit the theaters but The Sleeping Dictionary did winning four DVD Exclusive Awards in 2003: Best Actress Jessica Alba, Best Cinematography by Martin Fuhrer, Best Supporting Actor Bob Hoskins, and Best Supporting Actress Brenda Blethyn.

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